Doug Ridley, Cambridge, MD

O day of new beginnings for the world

and me: today the Savior ‒ crucified,

entombed in Joseph's grave, with flag unfurled

was raised again to life by God. He'd died

that we might live ‒ that was the Father's plan,

a proof of God's redeeming love. He rose:

the promise of eternal life for man,

the surety from which our own hope flows.

O day of resurrection ‒ Easter morn:

you bring us life, and hope, and joy! We sing

our grateful song of praise, for God has done,

this day, what we could not ‒ made us new born

to life and love. Our Savior lives to bring

us all to God in heaven ‒ Love's battle's won!

“The Gospel of Christ's resurrection fills the heart with joy! A triumphant song is already beginning.”​

— Catherine Doherty

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